Monday, October 23, 2006

There's a Sucker Born Every Minute

In a stunning reversal of its history of calling bad casino deals what they are, the Providence Journal endorsed the West Warwick proposal this time around.

In the editorial they conveniently ignore their reasons for opposition in the past and basically say, "What the heck, we're already awash in gambling venues that pilfer their customer's bank accounts, so what's one more?"

The also just happen to forget that more gambling creates more problem gamblers, the political shennanigans in the General Assmebly are as bad as ever and the GA will shape the deal ex post facto, the Constitution will be amended in a truly bizarre way, there will be a significant distortion of the local economy, the vapor-promises of the promoters have a back-door clause that benefits them at the expense of the taxpayers....

One could go on and on listing the overwhelming number of drawbacks to any casino scheme, but there's only a single question that needs to be asked: what has changed to cause the Journal to go over to the Dark Side?

The only thing that seems to advocate for a casino is the millions spent in advertising - with a good chunk at the ProJo. Let's forget the figleaf of Tribal economic development. This is a Harrahs casino, not an Indian Casino. From here it sure looks like somebody sold out to the high bidder.

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