Friday, December 22, 2006

The Reed Flip Flop

Despite his ghastly and atrocious liberal record, US Senator Jack Reed is a friend of mine. He was my state senator many years ago, and I've met with him on numerous occasions through some conservative Democrat friends I have in Cranston.

A number of years ago I tried to visit the White House. To get passes, my first inclination was to request them from Senator Chafee's office. When his office did not respond at all to my requests, I called upon Jack's office and received them in a matter of days.

Lately he's been one of the go-to US Senators by the MSM. But is it me, or have I noticed a strange phenomenon lately.

Jack has consistently advocated for more troops in Iraq. He and Hillary seemed to have that same theme, despite the chorus of his colleagues to cut, run and blow town.

But lately, the news media headlines on Jack regarding "more troops" has ranged the gamut from "Jack Reed wants more troops in Iraq" to "he's now among those who feel it's time to gradually reduce the number of troops." When interviewed by a major MSM news outlet recently he sounded like he tried to double speak an answer somewhere in between so as not to sound out of step with his remaining colleagues.

So which is it Jack? Are you in or out?

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