Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Putting Iraqi Civilian Deaths in Perspective

Don Surber reports (HT: Glenn Reynolds) that deaths in Iraq have been actually lower than they were under the regime of Saddam Hussein.  An excerpt:

AP played the numbers game this week with reports about how many people have died in Iraq. I always have a problem reducing people to numbers but AP said that 16,273 violent deaths in Iraq in 2006 -- 14,298 of them civilians.

By the way, the 16,273 violent deaths in 2006 compares favorably to the 600,000 documented deaths under Saddam Hussein. Many more are likely.

Hussein's carnage averaged 70 to 125 civilian deaths every day for the 8,000 days he reigned. His 20,000 civilian deaths a year (on average) were considered "peace" while last year, under war, there were 14,298 civilians deaths.

Incidentally, if Hussein was the cause of all these deaths and for so long, why is anyone upset about his bungled execution - which has been the focus of discussion in the MSM morning TV news shows?  Come on! 

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