Sunday, January 28, 2007

Rudy Giuliani in RI

Rudy Giuliani was in RI yesterday at the Westin Hotel, and  I had a chance to hear him speak.  He is makes for an attractive presidential candidate.  His views on the war and President Bush's efforts to win it are right on the money.  He is also the hero of 9-11, accompanied by a body guard who evidently saved the mayor's life that day.

He is very big on police and fire fighters, as well as soldiers - all of whom he sees as making sacrifices for our freedom.

Both Governor Carcieri and former Mayor Steve Laffey were on hand lending support to Rudy.

Someone asked if Hillary Rodham ends up being his opponent, how would he handle it.  He said he'd start by challenging her to a debate on NY Yankees lore.  After all, he said, she's from Chicago, alluding to Hillary's new found love for the Yankees (and the Mets too by the way) as a political necessity.  Giuliani is a Yankees fan.  And not a Mets fan, and he pays a price every time he goes to their stadium - except immediately after 9/11, when he was roundly applauded.

He did not speak a word on social issues.  Both Carcieri and Laffey are pro-life, but Giuliani is not a pro-lifer.  That poses a problem for me, but on all his other positions:  his opinion of the free market, the war, and Democrats - it is all Reaganesque.

It will be a very interesting two years.

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