Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Can't Have That

Good things are happening.  Spring is about to, well, spring.  Good things all around the country, and even around the world.  But you wouldn't know it.

For example, today, a kidnapped 12 year old was found

Good things are developing in war ravaged Iraq as well.  The strategy introduced by General David Petraeus is working.  American and Iraqi troops are clearing areas once dominated by insurgents and Al Qaida, and they're holding their ground.

But the buzzing of the MSM bees are getting louder and zanier.  They don't quit.  Today, the 90+ year old left winger Daniel Schorr is spouting about that the Bush administration is purportedly hiding behind "the threat of terrorism to turn public attention away from its failings."  And supposedly, it is "a ploy it has used in the past."  He points to last week's release of a confession by Khalid Sheik Mohammed, which Schorr claimed "did little to avert attention from the U.S. attorneys inquiry and the war in Iraq."  Is the man nuts?  Too many geriatric vitamins perhaps??

How could the laying off of a half dozen solicitors in a massive government bureaucracy be more important the confession of the 9-11 architect?  What are these people smoking?  Is there really an audience for this kind of schlock?

The media are in a frenzy.  Whether CBS, NBC, CNN, NPR (of course) and ABC.  Fox is more tempered.  They are desperately trying to drive down Bush's already low approval ratings.  They probably got into a fit this week because Bush's approval rating actually went up from 30 to 35%. 

Can't have that.

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