Saturday, April 28, 2007

Concealed Weaponry

Just a few thoughts and comments related to the horrific Virginia Tech shootings.

  1. The Press was horrid.  They immediately jumped on the release of videos by the madman killer.  I was traveling on business at the time, and the first thing that came to my mind was "why are they giving this madman any press coverage - all attention should be on the victims, their parents, and their fellow students and friends."  Such madmen shall go nameless on this blog.
  2. The tragic incident has triggered a discussion on gun control.  Students at Utah State are allowed to carry concealed weapons.  A recent editorial by a student there describes his confidence that such an event is less likely to occur where people could defend themselves.  I agree with that.  Had the madman known his spree was about to be truncated by someone equally matched in firepower, it may have changes his approach at least, and lives could have been spared.
  3. In discussions on this topic, I have referred friends to a very recent incident in downtown Salt Lake City (coincidentally) where another madman - possibly someone sympathetic to terrorists - started shooting innocents in a restaurant around Valentines Day.  Fortunately an off duty police officer carrying a concealed weapon was also in the restaurant.  Though he could not personally subdue him, he was able to minimize his damage and to hold him at bay until police arrived.  The police had to take the madman out.

So, if anything, the case strengthens to the idea of letting law abiding citizens with guns available in all places at all times, and especially as we begin to become a society facing greater dangers from terrorism.

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