Friday, May 11, 2007

A Return to the 1940's?

Socialists? Barely tolerable.

Communists? A threat to society.

Muslims? A just tolerable religion, and one in which I find few areas of agreement.

Muslim extremists? A threat to society (as demonstrated especially be these recent events).

What to do about it?

Well, we could return to a posture similar to one we held in the 1940's.  Liberals won't like it because they will see it as a threat to individual rights and liberties, but the process contributed to protecting us from espionage and attacks by communists inside the US.  We should campaign to infiltrate cells of these Islamic factions in the same way agents of the FBI infiltrated and exposed communist cells.  Often resulting in arrests and deportations.

We could expose them where they are hiding out, what their plans are.  And we can jail them as we did the communists for crimes against a free society and for plotting to overthrow of the United States merely by being a member of such factions - because of their purposes and beliefs.  These beliefs are as nihilistic as communism's,

It will bring about an awful period (in a similar way as that period of fervent anti-communism) but it may work.  It eventually did against the communists of hat era.  Those familiar with the works of Whitaker Chambers know very vividly what it was like.  Not pleasant for freedom loving people.  And it was because we were victims of a scourge, very much like we are today.

We should give consideration to trusting Islamo-fascists to be Islamo-fascists, in the same way Schwartz said we could "trust the communists to be communist," and to hunt them down and jail them.

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