Friday, June 01, 2007

An Alternative to Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Why is it necessary to have comprehensive immigration reform? It seems like the two big sticking points that will keep anything from happening are:

What I'm hearing makes me believe other items are not as difficult to agree on. So let's just agree on them. The Democrats would love to see the evil corporations hurt; the Republicans would like to remove the incentives for illegal immigrants to come here eliminated. So let's pass a bill that would heavily fine any corporation that either knowingly or unintentionally hires an illegal immigrant. Let's include some enforcement teeth. I think this could be agreed to, so why not get it done? If need be to get this passed, make it effective at the time of passage, or a little before passage. That would delay the issue of illegals currently in the country.

Then, I think agreement could be reached to repeal the insane law that makes anyone born in the country a citizen.

With these two incentives removed, perhaps the rest of the issues will either become targets for compromise, and the overall situation can be greatly improved.

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