Monday, July 02, 2007

Another Sign that Al Qaida Resembles the Communist Cells of the 1940's

With the recent arrests in the UK of several medical doctors who appear to be associated with the recent attempted bombings in and around London, and the bombing in Glasgow, it is becoming more evident that Al Qaida is in very close resemblance to the communist cells of the 1930's and 40's.

Idealistic, young and intelligent ideologues put themselves on the line for their cause, only their cause was the overthrow of the West.

Whitaker Chambers, a brilliant former communist himself, in his outstanding autobiography, Witness, expressed that it was inevitable that the good side, the right side, was ultimately destined to fail.

By the looks of things now, with so many misunderstanding the gravity and complexity of the conflict, some would say the same today, that the good are destined to fail.

Thankfully, Chambers was wrong, and eventually, after years of Cold War, the Soviet Union fell, and communism, though still alive in pockets, is a much less force for evil today than it was then.

But what of Al Qaida and the young and brilliant ideologues of their hive, what of them?  And what of us?

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