Sunday, September 16, 2007

Surprise! Chafee is No Longer a Republican!

The Projo has announced today what a number of GOP insiders in RI have known for at least a week, that Lincoln Chafee has disaffiliated from the GOP.  Some think it may have coincidental timing to Steve Laffey's recently published book.  It's possible.

The tragedy of his doing it now is that he embarrasses all those Washington stalwarts who came out for him at Laffey's expense:  Senator John McCain, Laura Bush, Libby Dole, and many others.

Senescent old RI Republicans like me, members of a splintered minority party in a state where free enterprise loving entrepreneurs are running away like rats on a sinking ship, know that Chafee was never really been a Republican at heart.  We felt uncomfortable for him, and some of us came right out and said that he should leave the GOP - leave for his own good and our good as well.

Well, it's done now - finally.  His father was not a right wing Republican, but Lincoln really never firmly gripped Republican ground. 

So farewell Linc.

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