Sunday, November 18, 2007

We are Not Lemmings

Someone at the Projo decided to put a stale news piece written by Paul West from last week's Baltimore Sun's on the front page of today's Sunday Providence Journal.  What's interesting is that the article was retitled "Iowa Could Decide it All," when the original title used by the Sun was "Clinton faces tougher attacks within party."

I have a question for the headline editors at the Projo: Do you really think the way Iowans vote - in a caucus, mind you, not even in a primary election - is really going to cause people around these United States to scratch their heads and say, "you know, before the Iowa caucuses I was for Giuliani, but it looks like the nation's on a tear for Romney; better go with the flow..."

As they say on Federal Hill: Forget-about-it.  It ain't gonna happen.

The news is becoming about the news.  I think news analysts need to give it a break.

David Brooks, last week on the Lehrer News Hour, in his weekly debate/discussion with Mark Shields, noticed how different a focus group of citizens from the location of the last Democratic debate, looked so differently at the candidates and the issues than he and Shields had.  It was an excellent observation.

We are not going to be influenced by the outcome of caucuses or primaries or pundits or pols.  We want to know where these candidates are really coming from, how realistic they are about the war, the economy, the Constitution, taxes, etc.  Then we will decide.

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