Monday, December 03, 2007

Iran Not a Nuclear Threat?

About an hour ago, the Worldwide Standard posted a piece on the very recent finding by the National Intelligence Assessment on Iran's nuclear bomb development capabilities insinuating that Iraq is not so much of a threat. The MSM is saying Iran gave up its nuclear ambitions in 2003, but author Thomas Joscelyn raises 5 good questions that help us understand that sometimes "the devil is in the details." The five questions:

1. What intelligence is this assessment based upon?

2. What has changed since 2005?

3. How did the IC draw its line between a "civilian" nuclear program and a military one?

4. How does the IC know that Iran has stopped its clandestine activities with respect to developing nuclear weapons?

5. How does the IC know what motivated Iran’s alleged change in behavior?

But read the whole thing.


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