Friday, December 07, 2007

RI Justices Rule with Sanity

The Projo is reporting that the RI Supreme Court has just ruled that a same-sex marriage made in Massachusetts cannot be brought before the RI courts in a divorce suit. The ruling was 3 - 2, Justices Williams, Flaherty and Robinson voted with the majority. This should make national news if it hasn't hit the major outlets yet.

A passionate and intellectual gay community in RI and elsewhere are already up in arms about it. Looking at the ruling dispassionately, strictly as a rule of law, the Justices made a sound and sane decision. If any other state were to go off its rocker and allow humans to marry chimpanzees, no other state should be required to recognize that so-called marriage so that it may grant a divorce or grant any other related legal action that pertained to the marriage recognized by another state. For that matter, if any state makes any ruling that is off its rocker, no other state need to be obliged to recognize or validate it, even if it were asked to overturn it.

Bravo to the RI Supreme Court Justices Williams, Flaherty and Robinson. Bravo.

The entire ruling can be found here.


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