Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Chafee Paradox

There is no question that Lincoln Chafee is a pacifist. Essentially that's really all there is to him. It sums him up in a nutshell (accent on the "nut").

He's not a man of any heavy weight principles. He's really quite simple to understand. Plain, ordinary, pacifist, in the Order of Neville Chamberlain.

Evidently, he doesn't really care about loyalty or friendship, or obligation, or Party, or anything along these lines.

As most know by now, he announced today his endorsement of Barack Obama for President. Not just supporting a Democrat, but a really liberal Democrat. And he did this on the very day (coincidentally?) that his colleague and friend (former friend?) Senator John McCain returned to Rhode Island as part of his own campaign for the same Presidency. McCain's last visit here to Rhode Island was in support of Chafee's re-election bid for Senator.

I guess I'm obligated to make mention of this stranger than fiction phenomenon since most of my fellow bloggers are writing from the outskirts.

Over at Anchor Rising, Marc Comtois has a brief bit on it. It will be mentioned in a few amen corners around Washington I suppose. It will blow over like a brief winter gale. No one will really care. It is like the death of Eleanor Rigby - an odd event, but no one will really give a hoot.

It will be chalked up to the oddity of Linc Chafee, and the obsurdity of hyper-liberal Rhode Island politics. Theater of the obsurd.

Well then, lets get on with the rest of the show.

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