Saturday, March 15, 2008

Obama May be Toast

I think Obama has committed the unforgivable sin. The sin of acquiescence in radical anti-Americanism.

And now the behavior of his wife, and the other, little telltale signs, like his removing the American flag pin from his lapel, are giving away his true heart of hearts, revealing a very unorthodox view of the world - quite unorthodox.

When first confronted with his pastor's kooky remarks, he denounced them and said he had not heard them. Had he heard them, he would have resigned from the church. Now he says he did hear at least a couple of the pastor's remarks.

And so he waffles again.

But a bigger question is, regardless of whether or not he had heard the remarks of this nincompoop, how could he not know where his own pastor was coming from, being a member of his church for so many years. The voters are not stupid. They'll ask the same question. How could he not know, and why did he remain a member?

And so now we find that he is dropping in the polls, and may have opened the door more than just ajar for Hillary.

I could just imagine what her husband is thinking right now.


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