Saturday, March 01, 2008

Obama's Judgment

I am by no means a Hillary Clinton supporter.

Hillary had the chutzpah to offer up an ad in Texas expressing what kind of judgment might be required in a global crisis at 3 AM when you and your children are asleep.

Today the Obamanista's have hastily cobbled together this response.

It is cute, and I am sure will have some effectiveness for the unschooled Democrat voter (of which Lord knows there are many), but it does, indeed, help us understand Obama's judgment versus the missus.

I think it shows he has poor and naive judgment. All the evidence at the time was that the core mass of weapons capability and the nuttiness to do it was queueing up in Iraq. Nearly everyone agreed on the evidence at the time.

He claims he made the right choice, but he wasn't for sending troops to Afghanistan either. He's a pacifist like Lincoln Chafee.

Wake up Democrats.

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