Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thank you, Vice President Cheney

Thank you for giving that interview. I didn't see it, and can respond only to the sound bites I've seen of it. In those your answers were so clear and convincing, I wish I had seen the interview.

Thank you for going to hostile media for that interview. That in itself shows a measure of courage not evident in any of those currently seeking to replace your superior.

Thank you for being prepared for the interview, even to the point of thinking through what questions might be asked and how you would respond to certain situations. I know you have staff to help you prepare, to research the interviewer and brief you on what to expect, but the preparation still falls much to you. Your answer "So?" in response to the question about lack of support for the war according to opinion polls was spot on.

Thank you, along with President Bush, for not worrying about every time I change my mind about some issue. I'm sure, when the decision to go to war in Iraq was made, public opinion was a factor in the decision making process. I'm sure other factors and facts, most of which are known only to those who see the intelligence data and briefings, also entered in. I'm sure you did not go to war in a cavalier way, but rather weighed everything, and made the difficult choice many leaders wouldn't.

Thank you, Mr. Vice President.

[Full disclosure statement: My wife is a Cheney. No relationship between her and the V.P. has been proven, and they descend from two different immigrant ancestors to Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1630s. If those two were brothers, as many assume, then my wife and the V.P. would be 8th cousins twice removed. If you think that relationship clouds my judgment in this post, contact me about men in white coats.]

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