Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dateline: Denver

I can see it now.

Democratic Convention, Denver, Colorado, August 25 (or 26), 2008

“I nominate Barack Obama to be our candidate....”

“I nominate Hillary Rodham Clinton to be our candidate....”

“I nominate John Edwards to be our candidate....”

“I nominate Albert Arnold Gore Junior to be our favorite son candidate....”

It will seem like the good old days, when favorite sons would frequently be nominated, siphoning off a few delegates in the first round, but of course having no real impact. The process is different now, with many more delegates fixed due to the primary and caucus process. But I see this as a possible scenario

The first ballot: Obama 2000, Clinton 1950, Edwards 10, Gore 2 [TN super delegates] (approximate; however that adds up to the total)

The second ballot: about the same

The third ballot: Edwards throws support to Gore as a unity candidate: Obama 2000, Clinton 1950, Gore 12

The mudslide then gives it to Gore on the fifth or sixth ballot. Or maybe not till the tenth.

As I write this it seems far-fetched. But maybe it’s possible.

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