Thursday, May 15, 2008

Obama's Sexism

Barack Obama's remarks today to a Michigan TV reporter, referring to her as "sweetie," is just a little bit over the top.  Sure, people are forgiving him for the remark.  An unscientific poll on MSNBC says 70% believe it wasn't insulting at all while only 27% said it was offensive.  That tells me more about Obama's liberal stalwarts than what people really think about it.  But it sounds to me like a subliminal attitude.  And did anyone notice how John Edwards introduced his endorsement of Obama: "people need a man [for this], and the people also need a man [for that]."  Underlying message: "we don't need no woman."

Take that Hillary constituency!  It is no wonder that over 30% of Hillary voters in W. Virginia said they would vote for McCain over Obama.


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