Sunday, June 01, 2008

In January, Obama Predicted Surge Wouldn't Work

With the news today that the month of May ended at a record low for deaths of American soldiers as the Surge strategy has begun to have its full effect in the region, it might be informative to consider what Barack Obama had predicted on the effectiveness of the Surge only as far back as January of this year. His prediction: it would fail.

It is interesting that Obama states that he knew of "no military expert" at the time with whom he had spoken to privately that believed the Surge would work.  Who did he talk to?  And why are these "military experts" all wrong??  What does this say about whom he surrounds himself with?

PS, it is also instructive to note from the Lardball interview the overt bias of MSNBC, that David Axelrod misrepresents what Obama had really said and believed about the Surge.

I've been continuing to consider history as we head into November.  I've been saying that the election could be a replay of 1960 where a young, attractive, literate and articulate liberal Democrat faced an old and grumpy, moderate Republican opponent.  But it could also be a replay of 1952 when a fairly well respected intellectual and liberal, Dean Acheson, who likewise was literate and articulate, faced an old but also brave and well known war hero in Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Take your pick.

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