Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chafee Chafes at his Old Republican Pals

Lincoln Chafee was on a conference call today announcing the formation of "Republicans for Obama."

Chafee made it known he was supporting Obama over McCain back  in February, but he also made it known that he was severing his ties with Republicans too.  He can't have it both ways.  He is NOT a Republican in support of Obama.  He is merely an independent citizen in support of Obama, and he is one very confused individual as many of us had known when he used to call himself a Republican.

Frankly, his "et tu Brute" approach to McCain is startling, really.  McCain was one of only a handful of Republicans who made an effort to remain loyal to Chafee over Steve Laffey in 2006, even though he hardly represented traditional Republican views.  But McCain remained true blue to Chafee, and visited RI to support him more than once during Chafee's campaign.  McCain can now consider himself officially stabbed in the back a second time by Chafee (the first time being Chafee's announcement in February to support Obama for President).

Chafee is no Republican for or against anyone because he is not a Republican, period.  He probably should have come out of the closet and told his Dad that he wasn't a Republican back in the days of his mayoralty in Warwick.

I just think for Chafee to go out of his way like this against his old friend is a supreme insult.  He could have sat it out on the sidelines. 


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