Sunday, September 07, 2008

Biden Unimpressive on Meet the Press

I just watched a replay of Meet the Press with Tom Brokaw in interview with Senator Joe Biden.  My conclusion is that we no way want this guy a heartbeat away from the Presidency. 

Biden miraculously rationalized how he was against the surge, yet it was McCain - one of the few for it - who was "out of touch" and "wrong."  This guy is supposed to be the Foreign Policy wonk on the Democrat ticket?  Palin will eat him alive in a debate.

Then Brokaw revealed how Biden - he and his son - have liberally benefited from donations and jobs from MBNA and their lobby.  Talk about baggage.  The MSM has been scouring Palin's record, but scratch the surface of a guy like Biden and you find a sewer hole.

Obama has an ad where he says something like "give me a break..!"  Those are my sentiments exactly.


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