Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Fast, Young, Idealistic and Computer Savvy

All things considered, McCain pummeled Obama in the first debate last Friday, but you wouldn't know it by the MSM or the infinite number of Leftist, liberal bloggers out there who, in my humble opinion, tend to be the young, computer savvy set, who will generally skew the real pulse of the nation.

Look, let me make my point about the debate like this:  Obama admitted at least eight times that McCain was right about a certain topic while the converse was zero.  On at least four occasions, McCain expressed in various forms that Obama didn't get something, was naive about something, and in one case, naive to the point of dangerous in his view.  Conversely, Obama chided McCain a couple of times for disagreeing with Obama on matters of history.  In an even handed world, that gave it to McCain.  But Zogby says his poll indicated the debate went slightly to Obama.  If you go on MSNBC (which I don't recommend) the unscientific polls have Obama winning the debate in a landslide.

In reality what does the rank and file voter think?  The voter, the one who will get off his or her duff in November and actually go to the polls and vote.  They will be a mix of young, old, computer savvy and not.  There will be veterans of wars, recent and far.  There will rich and poor.  Straight and gay.  People who listen to public radio and television, and people who don't even know that medium exists.  They won't just be those who dawdle on computers day and night either.

I would venture that we don't know yet what the outcome on November 4 will be, but I think McCain is more in the race than one might think from what they are bombarded with day and night. 


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