Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We Need An Amendment, Quick

"The Federal government shall not take partial or complete ownership in any private business (corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship), and shall not nationalize any private business or industry, even times of emergency, except as is necessary for military purposes in the case of invasion of our States or territories (limited to directing the output of an industry to defense purposes, not purchasing ownership in businesses). Congress shall make no law allowing the Federal government to take full or partial ownership in any private business, or to nationalize any business. The means of production shall always remain the purpose of private businesses, except those few items where government must obviously be the producer."

I am outraged that our president thinks the Federal government needs to purchase shares in the troubled banks. This is a huge step towards socialism. Does he not see that? Is this was compassionate conservatism is, a disguised lead-in to socialism? I know the left will jump on this as a good thing, so it will likely happen unless the courts throw it out.

Yet, the framers of the Constitution did their work before socialism, communism, and Marxism had their chance and failed, and so probably did not address this adequately in our foundational law. So, when the government doing this is challenged in court, the courts may not have any basis for preventing the government from buying companies.

Buy a small piece of private companies today, a bigger piece tomorrow, control them after that, nationalize them after that. This needs to be stopped. If the Republicans and Democrats won't stop it, maybe something like the Constitution Party will--if such a critter exists. Going to look right now.

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