Monday, November 24, 2008

China Hacked Into Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Blueprints

Something out of the ‘60’s has returned.  From AIAA HT: BusinessWeek (11/22, Epstein) reported, "A congressionally created commission has warned that China is stealing vast amounts of sensitive information from government and corporate computer networks in the US. ... This theft is part of China's preparation to outmaneuver the US electronically in any future conflict, according to the bipartisan US-China Economic & Security Review Commission. The panel...said in its annual report...'China is targeting U.S. government and commercial computers for espionage.'" According to the report, the "10 most prominent US defense contractors" have been targets of these cyber crimes. "An example of Chinese espionage cited...involves an incident in 2005 in which Chinese cyber-burglars downloaded files about the propulsion system, fuel tanks, and solar panels of NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter."


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