Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Terrorists in India Scoped Out the Taj When After it Tightened Security

Evidently the Taj had been given some threat or warning, and tightened their security.  It seems the terrorists scoped out what tightened security looked like during that period a month or so earlier than the attacks, then knew how to penetrate.

From a CNN report:

A. Vaidyanathan, an economist who was a guest in the hotel when the attacks occurred, told The Hindu newspaper on Friday that he had noticed tight security at the Taj Mahal when he stayed there last month -- a measure he indicated was unusual.

"The last time I went, last month, there was very tight security. You could not get into the [hotel]. There is an entrance there, which is closed. At the entrance to the tower, they had two-level security," he told the newspaper.


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