Sunday, January 18, 2009

And What of this Comparison to Abraham Lincoln, Doris?

Do not, under any circumstances, bother to catch the replay of today’s session of Meet the Press.

Tim Russert has got to be spinning in his grave like a rotisserie on steroids over the pick of David Gregory to replace him.  Egad!

You know there is a theory in business that the average enterprise lasts roughly 40 years. Some exceptional ones make it to 60 or even 80. The really rare ones beyond that. How old is Meet the Press? 50? I guess it really doesn’t matter, but with the new reign of Gregory the Lost, MTP is about to begin its final gargle.

Right after David Brooks, former conservative intellectual who had been, at one time, worth listening to, and now is probably attending too many cocktail hours at the homes of PBS, NPR, NYT and MTP bigwigs, and has now taken on a slight patina of hyper-liberalism, ventured into the concept of how Obama might best ask us all to sacrifice our pensions (easy for him to say),…that Gregory the Lost tosses this moronic softball question to, guess who: Doris Kearns Goodwin. “And what of the comparison to Abraham Lincoln?” 

Wait.  Stop.

Let me answer that one, because the MSM, the insanely liberal Press, they keep alluding to this. Frankly, I will grant that Obama has a lot common with one former, young, liberal, literate and articulate former president: John Kennedy. Not all things, but some things. But with Abraham Lincoln who presided over a torn nation in civil war, who experienced deep personal human tragedy, who originated, i.e., not repeated or quoted, great language, remarkable and memorable statements, a sincere and religious man tested beyond what most men have been – he, I submit, was a very different man.  So CUT IT OUT!

Yes, yes, celebrate the inaugural. But I also say consider Obama as any other man taking on a new job.  And regardless of his ethnicity, race or creed, give him, I say, a chance to preside over the nation. And let’s not attribute to him too soon great and wonderful messianic action. Give him some time. Let’s see what he can really do for the nation.

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