Sunday, April 26, 2009

Interview with RI Sec’y of Treasury, Frank Caprio

I don’t often talk about local politics on this blog, but I noticed with interest an interview with RI Secretary of the treasury, Frank Caprio which aired this morning against NBC 10 news veterans Jim Taricani and Bill Rappleye.  The two baited Caprio for the whole half hour, and I couldn’t help but notice the patience and composure of the man as well as the surprisingly excellent answers he gave.  Rappleye’s questions were the most obtuse: “do you think that teacher assignments should be based on merit rather than seniority?” Then later, after Caprio explained that he wouldn’t want to micromanage school districts, and by the way, neither should the legislature, Rappleye adds, “but a bedrock tenet of unions is seniority, if you tell teachers that seniority doesn’t count anymore [sic], you’re going to upset the unions, aren’t you?”  Please!  Where does this nonsense come from?

Caprio is a contender for Governor, and though a Democrat, seems to be handling taxpayer money, even through this most difficult period in our history, with a degree of prudence.  He is also pro-life, and thinks some of the anti-business tax policies, which scare away job growth in the state, are a danger to the state’s economic wellbeing. 

A memorable remark, and I paraphrase: “In our region, New Hampshire has the lowest tax rates; New Hampshire has the lowest unemployment.  You think that’s a coincidence? RI has some of the highest tax rates; RI has one of the highest unemployment rates…When the Federal government raises taxes, it doesn’t cause taxpayers to flea the country, but when RI raises taxes, those who bare the burden leave,…” and I would add, those who leave are the ones paying the most, leaving behind an even greater burden on a fewer number left to pay the tab for the public trough.  And all the while the number on public assistance grows and grows into a death spiral for the state and its economy. 

With Stave Laffey out of the race, and with the hyper-liberal 1970’s peacenik and appeaser Lincoln Chafee threatening to run for governor, Republicans should consider their options well.


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