Saturday, June 06, 2009

Obama's Words on Roberts Reveal a Lot About Obama

I came across this in today‚Äôs Wall Street Journal in the letters to the editor section, and I found that the more I pondered what this writer has stated, the more I think it lands in the heart of Obamaland.  This is the reason why conservatives like Christopher Buckley, David Brooks and others were enamored of Obama prior to the election, why some still stand in awe.

Obama's Words on Roberts Reveal a Lot About Obama

I found the excerpt from Barack Obama's 2005 Senate speech, "Why Obama Voted Against Roberts" (June 2), fascinating because it shows very well how President Obama operates. He makes fantastic speeches which all praise principle, values and common sense. Many conservatives would not even deliver speeches as deeply conservative as Mr. Obama's. Yet when he casts his vote, he is a super liberal, to the left of the left. The usual liberal "culprits" show their colors at the first word they pronounce. One or two sentences and one knows that a liberal is talking. But not with Mr. Obama. This is what has contributed to his initial successes but will ultimately be his downfall. If you find so many good qualities in Justice Roberts, and find he may be "deficient" in 1% or 2% of his personality, why vote against him?

George Naniche
Moraga, Calif.


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