Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kanye West is a Racist

I don't know Kanye West. I may have heard the name from time to time, but couldn't have told you if he was a band leader, a famous doctor, or a czar in the Obama administration. That's how far removed I am from popular culture. But of course I've heard the news and seen the sound bite of interest.

I conclude that Kanye West is a racist. Taylor Swift--who I also didn't know, so far am I removed from popular culture--a lilly white woman, was getting that award. Good on her. West, the black man, took the mic from her and began praising a music video done by Beyonce, a black woman, and I think West was saying or implying that Beyonce's music video was much better than Swift's video and that Beyonce, the black woman, should have received the award rather than Swift, the white woman. Do y'all think I've got that correct?

Obviously, West's action was that of a racist. He was incensed that the black woman didn't win, and so couldn't allow the white woman to have her 15 seconds of fame. I believe West's apologies are insincere, and he is a racist at heart and needs to be censured by the organization that was giving out the awards. So far am I removed from popular culture, I don't even know what organization that is.


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